Hickory Lake Campground Cooperative Association

Water Off

As a reminder, the water is going off to the campsites on Saturday, October 2 in the afternoon.  The shower house will remain open until Sunday October 24.

I have the compressor reserved for Saturday pick up around 11:30-12.  Any one who would like to help with or learn the process can meet at the pump house at 1PM.



New Beach Benches

Great work by our staff!

Owners Annual Meeting

As a reminder the Owners Annual Meeting is this Saturday, please check your email for Google Meet information as well as the agenda.

Owners Annual Meeting

As a reminder our annual owners meeting will be held Saturday 9/18/2021 at 10 AM at the HLCCA Gathering room.  If there are topics you want to make sure are addressed at the meeting please send them to the board email to have them placed on the agenda.

See you at the Lake,

Ed Gangl

Owners Special Meeting

There will be another Owners Special Meeting on July 4th at 10:00 AM in the Gathering Room. The meeting will also be available via Google Meet. If you need the access link to attend the meeting online please contact the Board of Directors for access. This meeting is for members only.

Owners Special Meeting

This is a reminder notice that there will be a Special Owner’s Meeting  on Sunday, May 30 at 10 AM at Hickory Lake Campground.  Official notice has been in the board meeting minutes since January, posted on our website.  This is a members only meeting.  If you can not make it in person, we are planning on making this meeting available via google meet.

If you have items you would like on the agenda please let us know.  I can tell you one of the bigger time consuming topics will be discussion on needed changes in our governing documents and rentals and how the members would like to proceed.

ThanksEd Gangl

Season Opening

The water finally got turned on to the sites on Sunday.  Dave Showed up Sunday afternoon so we were able to leave it on so it is ready for everyone’s use by our official May 1 season opening.

There will still be a few obstacles come this weekend:

  •  I have not received word yet that Benson Excavating has been there to repair the boat landing yet. I am sure the rain the last two days has been impeding his arrival.
  •  Without the boat ramp repaired the docks are not in yet.
  • Our government has not completely relaxed Covid restrictions yet.  Gathering room and game room are still closed for now.  The same protocols as last year are still in place for the laundry and fish cleaning house.
  • Shower house is open and will remain open for the season.  We will be closing off parts of it to maintain social distancing to keep the county satisfied.
  • Laundry equipment is being scheded with Yde’s to be started up the week of May 10

Caretakers- Dave is back and will be working Wednesday through Saturday.  We hired a new caretaker this year. His name is Mike and he will be working Sunday through Thursday.

  • One vehicle per site
  • Park on your own site.
  • The three spots in front of the house are going to be posted with reserved signs on them.  These spots are strictly reserved for staff and visitors.

Overflow lot – With the May 1 season start upon us extra boats trailers etc, need to be getting removed.  The lot during the season is for putting your boat and or trailer up there and for visitor/guest parking or a trailer for use specific to your time of stay.  
Owners with seasonal renters please forward the information on to them. Thank you.

See you at the Lake,


Hickory Lake Ice Out 2021

Ice officially went out on April 4th. Spring is here!

Pet Registration

As part of an ongoing review of current rules, policies, and procedures the board has implemented a pet registration system. Any pet that is to be brought onto the grounds of HLC needs to be accounted for. Please use the form below and email to the board. Any questions can be directed to the Board of Directors email.


Some Views from HLC

Spring is coming, albeit slowly.