Hickory Lake Campground Cooperative Association

Thanksgiving Day 2020

Winter appears to be settling in.

Fall Shutdown Schedule

Docks  are scheduled to start coming out on Saturday, October 3 at around 9:00 AM. Water to the campground is scheduled to be shut off and system winterized on Saturday October 17 starting around  10 :00 AM.
If you are able to help  with any of these tasks let us know.
Your help is greatly appreciated,


HLCCA Annual Owners Meeting

Just a last minute reminder that our annual meeting is coming up on Saturday, September 19 at 10 AM at HLCCA in the grassy area to the west of the pool.   Bring your own chair and space out appropriately for social distancing. 

If there are topic/questions/concerns that you want to make sure that they get addressed please email them to the board by Wednesday so that they can be fit into the agenda.   We will be putting a two hour limit on the meeting.  Additional questions that are not submitted will be fielded at the meeting if time allows. 

Thank you
HLCCA Board 


Owners Annual Meeting

Just a quick reminder that our Annual Owners meeting is coming up on Saturday, September 19, at 10 AM at HLC. There will be plenty to talk about, but to make sure topics you want addressed please send them to the board email and I will make sure they get included in the agenda. 

Have a Great Night

Aitkin County Permits

As an informational note, any shed over 25 square feet and any deck or platform structure over 32 square feet requires a permit from Aitkin County.

When applying for a permit please follow due process:

  • Submit a Request for Lot Alteration to the Board
  • WAIT for the boards approval
  • The Board will send out a signed & approved Request for Lot alteration WITH a signed Authorized Agent form
  • Apply for your permit with Aitkin county

If we forget to send an Authorized Agent form with your approval, just send us a reminder. Following this process creates less work and follow ups by the county offices and the HLCCA Board.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter,


Kayak Beach?

Good evening from the HLCCA Board,

We are sending out a quick reminder that we do not have a Kayak Beach at Hickory Lake.  The purpose of the beach is for the enjoyment of those wishing to be in the water or on the beach.  As the pool is closed the beach has seen a lot more activity this season.

Please be mindful that this is a common area and not for the storage of personal Kayaks.  We ask that you be respectful by moving your Kayaks off to the side of the beach or if it is too crowded already bring them to your site or to overflow.  

Another alternative is to rent one of the kayak/canoe racks.  Currently one spot is open on the North side by the beach and two on the South side by the boat launch.  The cost is only $35 for the season.

Also, you may have noticed that four additional boat slips were added this season and are already being utilized.  Please send an email to the board if you wish to be put on the waiting list.  




Request For Lot Alterations

Just a few things to pass along about Request For Lot Alterations forms. 

We try our best to get forms back to you as soon as possible.  We try to shoot for a 7-10 day turnaround.  Governing documents give us up to thirty days to get some kind of response back to you on your request. 

As stated on the form,  The more detailed you are with the information you provide the better we can understand and make an informed decision.  When placing items on your site (ex. sheds, decks, platforms,etc.), an accurate drawing with the real dimensions of what you are doing and where it lies from the boundaries is most helpful. 

Most of the time we are more so looking at making sure you are staying within the guidelines and what conflicts there may be with Aitkin County RCA placement. Pictures are very helpful at times also. 

The more information you provide the faster we can get your request back. 

Also stated on the form is that approval of your request is required prior to commencing the work you are requesting to do. 

Recently the board has been having discussions on imposing fines for those that start before going through the process.

Thank you,

Hickory Lake Campground Board

Safe and Fun 4th of July

The Board would like to wish you all a happy 4th of July!  May it be safe and fun.  We are sorry to say that with the current COVID conditions, we will not be having any of our large group fun social activities this year that the social committee usually organizes. We are hoping for a more normal year next year.

As we have been talking we wanted to put a few reminders out there for this busy weekend:


  • Fireworks are prohibited; the exception is on the  Fourth of July
  • Fireworks are allowed on the beach area only with the exception of sparklers
  • Those who participate in the use of fireworks are required to clean up debris by noon the following day

VISITORS – With Covid restrictions of not gathering in groups of more than 10, we would like you to keep that and the interest of the safety of our community in mind when thinking about visitors and keep the numbers down.

DOCKS – Since Memorial weekend we have added a considerable amount of new dock space to our new docks by the boat landing.  we added twenty-eight feet to the north dock and twenty-eight feet and two twenty foot wings to the south dock.  On the south dock, the south side of it where the twenty foot wings were added is reserved for paid boat slips.  With the added sections we have created spots for about 5-6 more boats than Memorial weekend.  Common sense would  say it takes less water to float smaller boats.  Be considerate, smaller boats should be tied up closer to shore and leave the deeper water for the larger boats. 

PARKING – Every spot is a commodity on these busy weekends.  You are expected to use the one parking spot on your site for your vehicle before utilizing the overflow. Parking on common elements really is not allowed.

OVERFLOW – Every trailer should have a tag on it to identify the owner and what site they are at.  Every vehicle should have a card in the window with the owner’s name, site they are at , and their phone number.  There are supplies in a plastic container on the side of the Gathering room to aid in this task.

Be safe. Covid is out there and exists.  More head injuries and water accidents happen on the Fourth of July than any other day.
Have a Safe and Fun Fourth!

Hickory Lake Campground Board


Storage Unit Proposed Language

Greetings All,

Last year poised a lot of interesting scenarios/challenges with storage unit language.  The board has been work on and off on this for a while, and I was going to get this out about a month and a half a go but there has been to many higher priorities to deal with, other than I wanted to get this out before the Owners Special Meeting.

Please check your email for the proposal.

Owners Special Meeting

During a special board meeting on May 5, the board addressed the Owners Special Meeting that we have left on the calendar.  The board members all felt safe enough to go as planned with the meeting, weather permitting. The time and date has not changed, Sunday, May 24, at 10 AM.  COVID-19 has directed a few changes.  The location will be in the grassy area in front of the pool, west side kind of by the fire pit. You will need to bring your own chair.  There will be socially distanced spaces marked out for you to place your chair.  Attendance is limited to owners on site application.

As I pull an agenda together for this meeting, please let me know if there are any certain topics you would like addressed.

Thank you