Hickory Lake Campground Cooperative Association

2019 Election

Good Evening HLC,

I apologize for being a bit behind.  Everyone should of received the results from election buddy for the board election.
First I would like to thank Jim Apple for coordinating, administrating, and being the sergeant at arms for the election process.  And  thank you to all the candidates that ran for a board position.  Congratulations to the newly elected board members, Kathy, Jim and Ed.  Within the next three weeks the board will hold an organizational meeting.  After we do, you will be notified of the out come.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving,

Shower House

Good evening HLC owners,

Have I got a great opportunity for you all. Sunday, November 24, at 8 AM Sean will be coordinating water shut off to the shower house. We are looking for some volunteers to help with this. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the workings of our great campground.

A response is appreciated, if you can make it, Otherwise just show up at the campground at 8 AM on Sunday.

Thank you for your help,

Ed Gangl

2019 Board of Directors Election

The 2019 Board of Directors election for HLCCA is underway.  All site owners should have received an electronic ballot via email.  If you did not receive a ballot please notify the website administrator via email from this link.  Voting ends on November 19th at 12:00 AM and results will be emailed out to everyone shortly thereafter.



Water Shutdown and Dock Removal

I have a correction to make from Saturdays annual meeting. Water to the sites will be getting shut off to the sites on Sunday October 6th. I was informed that the compressor we use was unavailable for the 13th. With caution in mind with unpredictable weather it got reserved for the 6th. At this time the shower house will still continue to be open until November.

I have been trying to schedule the dock guy for October 5th but have been having troubles getting through to his phone number. As soon as I get through to him I will update with the dock schedule.

I apologize for the inconvenience

2019 Election Email List REPLY NEEDED

At the annual meeting this past weekend I passed around an email list for the 2019 election ballots to be sent to. If you could please review the email list and confirm or correct the ONE email address that your site ballot should be sent to.

Your response is needed
Thank you


Admin note:  Check your personal email for the list that was sent as we do not publish personal data in unsecured areas of the website

Annual Meeting Agenda



 Dave and Scott Returning


Season Shutdowns

 Docks and Site Water Supply  –  Oct 12&13
 Shower House  –  Nov?

House Update

 Feedback from Adjuster/Rebuild Estimate
 Build back Plan during off season



 3 open positions  –  (2x) 3 year, (1x) 2 year
 Email List for Ballots
 Completed Candidacy forms out to Association Oct 1
 Ballots out  –  End of Oct
 Election Closes – Mid Nov

Storage Units




 Thank yous
 Future Plan
1. Docks
2. Roads
1. Present Nominees
2. Nominations from the floor





Dear committee members,

Just wanted to to base with you all about a couple of items.

First. Thank you to the gardening/landscaping committee for getting the plantings, flowers, mulch and other items done this past spring.

Second. Thank you to the social/activities committee for all the great activities they put together and organized this past year. And I hear they are already getting ready for next year. Awesome!

Third. Nominating committee, thank you for your work on this important task. Remember that you need to have MINIMUM of three candidates to present at the Annual Meeting on the 21st.

At last. Some committees have gotten of to good starts, others not so. Moving forward it would be nice to see all committees getting together at times to evaluate their area of responsibility for the campground. They should be out getting input from the rest of the community. Putting together ideas and plans to submit to the board. Looking into budget numbers for things they come up to do and submit them to the board for review and approval. Recruit help for projects and events.

I really appreciate everyone’s volunteer time they put in to help with the campground. Together we can accomplish a lot. Individually, it makes for some really large work loads.

Thank you for everything you do,


Annual Meeting

As I am pulling together an agenda for our annual meeting, if you have any special requests for discussion please let me know.

Reminder of the meeting
Date: Sept 21, 2019
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: HLC Gathering room

Thank you

Labor Day Weekend Schedule

Annual Meeting

Good evening everyone,

The board is currently working thru a lot of the season ending topics. I know many may have been expecting the annual meeting to be this weekend.  Sorry to disappoint. 
In delivering proper notice of the annual meeting , we are scheduling the the meeting for Saturday, September 21 at 10 AM in the HLC Gathering Room.
Have a great evening and enjoy your Labor Day Weekend