Certified Pool Operator Training

We operate a pool that is licensed through the county.  Part of our license requirement is to have certified pool operators.  We are looking to our members to help in expanding the number of community members available with this training.  

Certified Pool Operator(CPO) clases are two 8 hour day classes.  These classes are held in various locations, and some are being offered virtually due to COVID restrictions.  Certified Pool Technician(CPT) classes are available online where you have a 30 day window to complete course materials and tests for certification.  The above classes average around $350.

The board is looking at paying for these classes.  In return we are looking for your help with our pool.  Helping with making sure care takers are properly trained in maintaining our pool.  Periodically helping with pool duties, cleaning and chemical monitoring, on caretakers days off.

If you are interested and would like more details please respond to the board email.

Thank you for considering,