Aitkin County Information

Aitkin County Information


Prior to submitting a permit application to the county please submit the Request for Lot Alterations to the board for approval.

Aitkin County has now put their permit applications online.  Please follow the link below to begin your application for a deck, shed, or other alterations that may require county approval.  If in doubt on whether you need a permit, please contact the Aitkin County Planning and Zoning Department.

Aitkin County Planning & Zoning / Environmental Services
209 2nd Street NW, Room 100
Aitkin, MN  56431
Phone:  218-927-7342

Local & County Ordinances and Other Information

Aitkin County Ordinances for RCA’s (Recreational Camping Areas) 

RCA (Recreational Camping Area) Spacing Aitkin County Fact Sheet

Aitkin County 2017 Update to Permit Process

Aitkin County Recreational Camping Areas Update 2019

Aitkin County 2021 Permit Fee Schedule

Aitkin County Online Permitting FAQ

Aitkin County Shoreland Homeowners Guide to Lake Stewardship