Hickory Lake Campground Cooperative Association

Parking/Over flow

WOW! How exciting to see so many people able to enjoy the wonderful weather and our great campground this past weekend. The large numbers brought back the reminders of how our overflow area is somewhat inadequate and disorganized. To help with some of this we would like to see some of the following things happen:

  1. ALL trailers marked to identify what site they correspond with.
  2. ALL vehicles need to have a piece of paper in the window stating what site they are with, contact name and number.
  3. If you have multiple items parked in the over flow area, stack/double park them in the deeper area on the west side (HWY 169).
  4. The area to east, along the split rail fence, and going around to the north shall be an area for those that frequently put their boats in and out of the water.
  5. Those that have empty boat trailers they don’t use often or until your boat is taken out of the water for the season, lets us know so we can find an appropriate spot to store them for a longer period of time.

We appreciate your help in trying to implement these procedures. And we are working on getting some of our space back. The old floating docks are almost gone, and we will be seeing about getting the compost pile pushed back some time in the near future.

As a reminder no parking beyond the split rail fence. We noticed parts of the rope with the no parking sign are some what missing that closes that area off. We will be getting that back in place for clarification.

Owners that have seasonal renters, you need to inform your renters of the above requirements.

Thank you

Second Weed Treatment

Just passing on that I have been recently notified that PLM”s tentative treatment date for our second treatment for our lake weeds is currently set for Wednesday, July 17.

Have a great evening.


Pine-Hickory Lakes Roadside Parking Area

Construction Update: May 31, 2019 Work is planned to start at Pine Hickory around July 15, 2019 but work may begin in limited areas prior to that. The paved parking area on Little Pine Lake and trails will be closed during construction. The gravel boat access on the Hickory Lake will also be closed for contractor parking and staging. The trails on both sides will be closed. Construction is expected to last about two months and be completed in September 2019.




Safe and Fun Fourth

As we head into the busy 4th of July weekend I wanted to put a couple of reminders out there:

FIREWORKS – Remember fireworks are only allowed on the Fourth of July. Fireworks are only allowed at the beach area with the exception of sparklers. Those who participate in the use of fireworks are required to clean up debris by noon the following day.

PARKING/OVERFLOW – Every site should be able to accommodate one vehicle, and only one vehicle per site, no boats or trailers. Please park that one vehicle at your site to aid in making room in the overflow for the extra guest and trailer parking needed for the additional visitors we tend to have at this time. If you have an empty trailer and can get it back always into the wooded area please do so. If you are using your two spots per site please try to double park/stack your vehicle/trailer etc as to make room for others.

POOL – No glass containers or food in the pool area. Be respectful of other occupants of the pool area and no large flotation items in the pool area.

Quiet hours are 10 PM to 8 AM

The Fourth of July has some of the highest statistics for traffic accidents, boating accidents, head trauma, and fireworks incidents.  Be Safe and let’s have some FUN.

See you at the Lake,


Mid-Season Owners Gathering

Good Evening,

I know it is short notice, but we will be having a mid season owners gathering on Saturday, July 6 at 10 AM in the Gathering room. During that time, so far I know we will be discussing:

  1. Updates – committees, financials, and projects
  2. Nomination Committee
  3. Goals for the rest of the season

See you at the Lake,


4th of July

Happy 4th Of July!

Here is the schedule of fun events for all over the 4th!

We are looking for volunteers to set up and clean up each event. If you would like to donate any supplies (smores items or prizes for events) and sign up to help you can click on this link https://forms.gle/iqJp2SKZgRpU3Vuk6  email ajbarthel@live.com or connect with Tara Bubar (Site 18 ), Nova Steinke (Site 12) or Jackie Barthel (Site 11)

Looking forward to a fun 4th of July week!

The Social Committee


Pool & Lakefront Weeding

The pool is now open.

Chemical treatments were done on the lakeshore this past week to help control the weeds. Signs with restrictions are posted along the waterfront- please check them out before allowing people or pets into the water.

HLC Updates

Greetings everyone,

It appears the season is now in full swing with summer like weather.  As it appears i am learning more almost daily to update you on.
On May 25 the Board met and appointed Jim Boldenow to fill the term of Sec/Treasurer currently held by Carolyn Tonneson, and Ed Gangl to fill the term of President. Both appointments become effective May 26. Both terms Dec 31, 2019. Upon receiving  another resignation, the Board is currently seeking out another appointment to fill the fifth position.
The old floating docks have been replaced. They went in Sunday,(6/2) morning. Thanks Kurt for getting these ordered and thank you to everyone who assisted on Sunday in getting them in the water.  They sure are nice. and went in very easy. Should almost be just as easy to get them out in the fall. The board had previously voted to purchase one dock from capital funds and purchase a second if owners were in favor of an assessment, (under $100/lot) for a 2nd dock.  The consensus on the 26th was that the owners were in favor of it. Details on assessment is forth coming yet.  Plans are being made for disposing of and possibly  reappropriate/salvage some old dock materials.
MLEC has started constuction.  the wet and late spring has really slowed the process.They hope to have the back bone work of the fiber system complete by July, with splicing and testing happening after that. They hope to have service ready in the July/August time frame.  There is no guarantee on the time frame, as with outside work weather is your worst enemy.
Midnight Sun Pools is scheduled to come out on June 11th to work on and open up the pool.
Sean Brown stated that he spent well over $300 to have the road inside the campground plowed several times this past winter. He was asking the if anyone wanted to help with the costs, especially those who may have benefited from it , to please contact him. Reach out to seen personally as he paid for this all on his own.  Thanks
On the 26th, Scott Bjork presented an all natural mosquito control. It has a make up of Thyme, Rosemary and Wintergreen oils. He offered purchasing equipment and supplies on his own. He was looking for owners approval to spray campground areas.  Majority approved.  A couple asked that he not spray their area. If you a have  a questions about it contact Scott. If you feel so inclined I am sure Scot would accept free will offerings to help with the cost. If nothing else as he put it he likes cold beer as you see him around.  After first week of application I have heard of many happy, successful mosquito free comments.
The next owners meeting will be scheduled over 4th of July weekend. Details will be forth coming.
 A letter from PLM Lake and Land Management Corp just got passed on to me today.  They have scheduled our treatment dates. They will be out to treat our beach/shoreline on 6/10/19 for the first treatment. the second treatment is scheduled for 7/15/19.
I believe that is all have for now.
See you at the Lake!

New Docks Are In

Aitkin County Campground Ordinance Highlights

Aitkin County put together this brochure to use as a quick reference.  As always, please contact Aitkin County for questions and clarifications.

Campground Brochure Template2

Aitkin County Campground Ordinance Highlights