Local TV & Radio Stations

TV Stations

OTA (Over-The-Air) TV Stations near Aitkin Minnesota

Network Broadcast Location
3 CBS Duluth, MN
6 NBC Duluth, MN
10 ABC Duluth, MN
12 CBS Walker, MN (simulcast from Twin Cities)
22 PBS Brainerd, MN

With the switch a few years back to digital broadcast standards, local reception is spotty at best.  You can try digital conversion boxes but these don’t seem to have quality signal reception either.  DirecTV or Dish Network are other alternative options.


There are 26 radio stations that may be within listening range of Aitkin, Minnesota.

Call Sign Freq. Dist./Signal City Format
KBPN 88.3 FM 36.6 mi. Brainerd, MN Public Radio
KOPJ 89.3 FM 44.8 mi. Sebeka, MN Religious
KBPR 90.7 FM 36.6 mi. Brainerd, MN Classical
KBLB 93.3 FM 32.7 mi. Nisswa, MN Country
KKIN 94.3 FM 11.9 mi. Aitkin, MN Country
WWJO 98.1 FM 51.9 mi. Saint Cloud, MN Country
KLKS 100.1 FM 29.3 mi. Pequot Lakes, MN News/Talk
KFGI 101.5 FM 11.8 mi. Crosby, MN Adult Hits
KTIG 102.7 FM 35.2 mi. Pequot Lakes, MN Religious
KUAL 103.5 FM 26.1 mi. Brainerd, MN Oldies
WZFJ 104.3 FM 26.3 mi. Breezy Point, MN Christian Contemporary
WJJY 106.7 FM 32.7 mi. Brainerd, MN Adult Contemporary
KLIZ 107.5 FM 26.1 mi. Brainerd, MN Classic Rock
WEBC 560 AM 82.1 mi. Duluth, MN Classic Rock
KDAL 610 AM 73.7 mi. Duluth, MN News/Talk
WNMT 650 AM 66.7 mi. Nashwauk, MN News/Talk
WBHR 660 AM 67.3 mi. Sauk Rapids, MN Sports
WDSM 710 AM 74.5 mi. Superior, WI News/Talk
WCCO 830 AM 95.1 mi. Minneapolis, MN News/Talk
WQRM 850 AM 71.5 mi. Duluth, MN Religious
KPRM 870 AM 67.3 mi. Park Rapids, MN Country
KKIN 930 AM 2.5 mi. Aitkin, MN Nostalgia
KLTF 960 AM 47.0 mi. Little Falls, MN News/Talk
WWWI 1270 AM 31.6 mi. Baxter, MN Sports
KOZY 1320 AM 45.8 mi. Grand Rapids, MN Oldies
KLIZ 1380 AM 26.1 mi. Brainerd, MN Sports