Spring updates

Good Morning HLCCA Members,
Old man winter has been hanging out for a while too long this year.  Snow, freezing temps, and on Easter Sunday people were still ice fishing on the lake.  Latest pictures of the lake yesterday afternoon still show a significant amount of ice on the lake. With the rain/thunderstorms and warmer temps forecasted for the upcoming days, it is looking hopeful for ice out by mid-next week.
For those wondering, water to the shower house will be on this weekend and should be able to stay on for the rest of the season. Some repairs to leaks were made to the water system this past week and the lack of an on-site caretaker prompted leaving it off until this weekend.
Speaking of the lack of an onsite caretaker.  For those that may not know yet, Kevin and Marie will not be back this spring.  They have decided to follow the direction the Lord has led them and stay in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  They will be missed dearly.  For the past month and one half Jim Apple has been posting ads and he and I have been reviewing resumes that have come in.  To say the least in this time of an employee’s market the search has not been going well.  If anyone has any leads please pass them on.
Please look for the email sent out yesterday afternoon by the volunteer coordinators, Lisa and Bobbie.  Take a few minutes to check it out and possibly sign up in an area you are able to help out with.  Thank you to Lisa and Bobbie for their efforts with this.

See y’all soon,