HLCCA Spring 2022 Volunteer Needs

Hi All,

Spring is hopefully going to fully bloom soon, in the meantime, please consider helping out at HLCCA to get things up and running.  I have contacted Aitkin High School to see about getting some help, but haven’t heard from any groups yet.  So please follow the link to the google spreadsheet and sign up for whatever you are willing to help with.  As we all know, many hands make light work.  The dates, times, and descriptions of the needs are listed on the spreadsheet and below.  Just click a box to fill in your name for what you can help with.  If you are unsure of what or how to do this, please let me know and I can sign you up.

Sign Up:   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_skiao_l4AMlUWksI6XB00YbTx-Wu9RNnY0rhxdSmv0/edit?usp=sharing

Volunteer needs for:

Docks in the water (4/30 9:00-noon)We need approximately 4-6 people to assist in putting in the docks. We will have the Bobcat to place the main docks into the lake but will need 2-3 people in waders and 1-2 people on the dock to place the wings onto the main dock.

Water to sites turned on (4/30/22 1:00-3:00)We need approximately 4 people to assist in turning on the water to the sites. We will need volunteers to go down the row of each section as it is turned on to open the water valves and then shut them. The volunteers should verify that each site has a backflow valve installed. If not, the owner of the site will be notified to have this installed as soon as possible. Once all the water is flowing to the entire campground, the volunteers should walk the campground looking for leaks (ground saturation). The volunteers may need to assist in digging up the ground where any leaks occur and patching the leak. We have plumbing supplies in the workshop to patch the leaks.

Buildings Spring Clean-Up (5/15 9:00-noon)We need approximately 4-6 people to assist in cleaning and sanitizing the Game Room, Gathering Room, Shower House, and Laundry Room. There should be cleaning supplies on hand from last year. If not, the work campers should order the supplies as needed using the procurement card.

Grounds Spring Clean-Up (5/15 9:00-noon)We need approximately 10 or more people to assist in cleaning the grounds. This involves mainly removing leaves and debris after the winter. We have lawn equipment that can be used to pick up leaves but the first cleaning involves manual raking to loosen the leaves from the ground.

HLCCA Volunteer Coordinators


Lisa Boldenow & Bobbie Shafer