Cardboard Recycling

As of this week, Garrison Disposal will no longer be picking up cardboard at the campground.  Instead, a new container (smaller) has been placed next to the other recycling containers for cardboard use.  BUT…we need everyone’s help in making this one work.  If you have boxes to recycle, please break them down to flat before putting them into the container.
We’re doing a good job in putting a lot of cans, bottles, paper, etc into the recycling container rather than the garbage.  It would be even better if we did more!  Our garbage vendor has let us know that our bill will be going up because of the amount of garbage that we have each week.  I’m guessing that there’s quite a bit of garbage that could be recycled.  All aluminum cans go into one bin.  All glass, plastic containers, office paper, newspaper, steel cans go into another bin.  And then cardboard will have it’s own bin.  Let’s do this, friends!  We save money, and we help the environment…it’s a win-win!
Lastly, if you can help take a load of recycling into town, that would be most helpful!  A few of you have been doing this, but we can always use another volunteer or 2 or 3.