Happy Spring ?

It is officially Spring; however, in many places it does not look much like it, including in my own yard. The latest word is the campground still has a lot of snow that needs to go. Some nicer temps during the day are certainly helping; however, it continues to drop below freezing at night and looks like it will stay that way into the foreseeable forecast.

According to our Rules and Regulations, water will be turned on April 30th if weather conditions allow. We will continue to monitor the weather and conditions at the campground. If weather/frost permits we will look at turning the water on sooner…hopefully no later!

I want to remind everyone to please use extra care throughout our property this Spring. As it starts to thaw, the roads and grounds will be extra wet and soft; hopefully with a little extra attention we can avoid significant damage.

New this season, we have contracted with PLM Lake and Land Management to assist us in weed control at the beach and around the slip docks. They will be out twice during the season to apply DNR approved chemical applications. There are no restrictions to the use of the water, swimming, fishing, etc during these times. Please see the sample notice that will be posted by PLM at the time of the application (attached).

I was hoping to provide you with information on our new caretaker(s); however, the people who we had onboard recently backed out. We have reposted and have received a lot of interest. More to come…

I can tell you though that Scott Bjork is retiring this spring (Congrats Scott!) and will be at the campground full time this summer. He has agreed to fill in for the full time caretaker(s) during their two days off.

Reminder, we will have our first owners gathering over Memorial Day weekend. More details will be provided closer to that time.

Finally, the board will be meeting on Saturday, April 20th at 10:00 AM at Carolyn Tonneson’s to discuss/finalize employee schedules, training/orientation, etc. and make sure we have what we need covered to start the season.

Can’t wait to get back to the lake!



PLM Notice