Employee and Water Update

Good Evening,
It is looking and feeling more like Spring every day!
The water to the shower house will be turned on this Saturday, April 27th. Water to individual sites will depend on frost conditions and will be assessed at the time the shower house is opened. If you are interested in helping out with this, please seek out Scott Berge, site 3.
Also, we have hired David Ondris as our full time caretaker for the summer. David grew up in Pilager, MN and has been a full time RVer for the past 15 years. David, his girlfriend Lynn and their two dogs will be joining us early to mid May.
David’s days off will be Sunday and Monday. Scott Bjork, site 47, will be overseeing the campground and taking care of the necessities, including the pool, on those two days. Also, Wyatt will be returning this summer to assist with lawn mowing and other tasks as needed.
Reminder to please drive with care around the campground. We do not yet have a date, but there are plans for road repair this spring.
There is also no date set for returning the docks to the water. The floating docks are in need of repair and we are looking at our options. Getting the docks out and their repair will require volunteers; we will keep you posted.
All for now, Bobbie