Dear committee members,

Just wanted to to base with you all about a couple of items.

First. Thank you to the gardening/landscaping committee for getting the plantings, flowers, mulch and other items done this past spring.

Second. Thank you to the social/activities committee for all the great activities they put together and organized this past year. And I hear they are already getting ready for next year. Awesome!

Third. Nominating committee, thank you for your work on this important task. Remember that you need to have MINIMUM of three candidates to present at the Annual Meeting on the 21st.

At last. Some committees have gotten of to good starts, others not so. Moving forward it would be nice to see all committees getting together at times to evaluate their area of responsibility for the campground. They should be out getting input from the rest of the community. Putting together ideas and plans to submit to the board. Looking into budget numbers for things they come up to do and submit them to the board for review and approval. Recruit help for projects and events.

I really appreciate everyone’s volunteer time they put in to help with the campground. Together we can accomplish a lot. Individually, it makes for some really large work loads.

Thank you for everything you do,