HLC News

Good morning everyone,

A few things I wanted to remind you about:

COVID-19 Policy – In your email you will find the new edited version of the policy.  It will also be available on the home page of our website, where it is accessible by everyone, including seasonals.  You will find a drop down on the top for COVID-19.  When selected, you will  find the policy and protocols for communal spaces as they become available.  The policy is in effect as written until health restrictions are eased and the Board feels comfortable making changes. Owners who have seasonal renters, please make sure they have a copy of the policy.

AED – With the Laundry room current closed the AED got moved to the garage.  As you go in the first overhead garage door to the west(closest to the gathering room) it is hanging on the wall above the light switches just to the left of the door way.

Overflow – As a reminder, the overflow is for boats and boat trailers, extra vehicles, I would say visitor vehicles but at this time there  should be no visitors. It is not intended as a personal storage area.  It also is not your personal  dumping grounds.  Last spring there were no tires up in the overflow they were all disposed of in 2018. Now there is around 18 of them up there. If they are yours please dispose of them.  If you happen to use them to set your pontoon on in the off season them keep them with your pontoon and trailer.  This is a cost in time and money to the association to dispose of the these. Last I checked $5 minimum per tire.

Parking- One vehicle per site.  No Trailers  to be parked at sites. No parking on campground property or roads, that is what the overflow is for.

Lake Time –  Usually that phrase means things  are a little more laid back at the lake.  Relax, what is your hurry.  Slow down.  There is a 5 mph or less speed limit in the campground. 

Have a great and safe weekend,