Memorial Day Weekend


Our Covid-19 policy will be getting amended to coincide with the current “Stay Safe MN” order.  You can gather as a group of 10 or less WHILE practicing social distancing at your site.  Yes you can have visitors.  We understand a few, lets keep it minimal to be smart, considerate and safe.  Rules and regulations numbers of six for seasonals and fifteen for owners is unacceptable at this time. Do to Covid -19 no Community meals or activities are planned for the weekend as in years past.


EVERY site is to have  parking provisions ON their site for one vehicle. USE it.  No boats and trailers on sites. Them and extra vehicles belong in the overflow.  Parking is not allowed on unoccupied sites with out permission.  Parking is not allowed on campground(common element) property.  On busy weekends if and only if the overflow is full we can make exceptions.


With almost every site being occupied now, there will be changes to the overflow rules and use.The overflow lot is for parking extra vehicles(after parking one on your site), boat and boat trailer parking, and trailer parking specific to use during your stay.  Trailers are to be tagged with name and site number.  Extra vehicles are to have a card in the window with name site and phone number on them.  The supplies we have for this are currently locked up in the gathering but by Saturday they will be out side in a clear weather resistant container on the outside of the gathering room for your use.


Please help keep our campground beautiful, and clean up after yourself.  Not only dose it help keep the campground neat, but in today’s atmosphere it helps in preventing the spread of Covid-19 by someone else having to pick up or move your unsanitized personal property.  At the lake front we understand if you leave your kayak or canoe on the shoreline while your are there using it.  When you go to leave please make sure it is either on a rack  spot you have rented or under your RV or up in the overflow.


As a reminder to be considerate of your neighbors in the community, quiet hours are from 10 PM to 8 AM.  Some don’t care to hear your camp fire chatter and people/children running thru sites and campground at midnight, while others don’t care to hear equipment roaring at 6 AM.

Have a fun and SAFE weekend,

Hickory Lake Campground Board