Request For Lot Alterations

Just a few things to pass along about Request For Lot Alterations forms. 

We try our best to get forms back to you as soon as possible.  We try to shoot for a 7-10 day turnaround.  Governing documents give us up to thirty days to get some kind of response back to you on your request. 

As stated on the form,  The more detailed you are with the information you provide the better we can understand and make an informed decision.  When placing items on your site (ex. sheds, decks, platforms,etc.), an accurate drawing with the real dimensions of what you are doing and where it lies from the boundaries is most helpful. 

Most of the time we are more so looking at making sure you are staying within the guidelines and what conflicts there may be with Aitkin County RCA placement. Pictures are very helpful at times also. 

The more information you provide the faster we can get your request back. 

Also stated on the form is that approval of your request is required prior to commencing the work you are requesting to do. 

Recently the board has been having discussions on imposing fines for those that start before going through the process.

Thank you,

Hickory Lake Campground Board