Hickory Lake Campground Cooperative Association

Pet Registration

As part of an ongoing review of current rules, policies, and procedures the board has implemented a pet registration system. Any pet that is to be brought onto the grounds of HLC needs to be accounted for. Please use the form below and email to the board. Any questions can be directed to the Board of Directors email.


Some Views from HLC

Spring is coming, albeit slowly.

Certified Pool Operator Training

We operate a pool that is licensed through the county.  Part of our license requirement is to have certified pool operators.  We are looking to our members to help in expanding the number of community members available with this training.  

Certified Pool Operator(CPO) clases are two 8 hour day classes.  These classes are held in various locations, and some are being offered virtually due to COVID restrictions.  Certified Pool Technician(CPT) classes are available online where you have a 30 day window to complete course materials and tests for certification.  The above classes average around $350.

The board is looking at paying for these classes.  In return we are looking for your help with our pool.  Helping with making sure care takers are properly trained in maintaining our pool.  Periodically helping with pool duties, cleaning and chemical monitoring, on caretakers days off.

If you are interested and would like more details please respond to the board email.

Thank you for considering,


House Project

Based on the majority vote of association input to repurpose the house/store/office space, we are looking for individual(s) to spearhead this project. The task at hand is to come up with plans how to best utilize the space to benefit our community. Work with county planners.  Determine reutilization plans of materials from the current structure.  Demolition process.  

If you are interested in helping out with this please reply to the board email.

Thank you for considering,


Happy 2021

Greetings HLC, I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year! Not everyone reads the minutes posted on our website, so I thought I would take a few minutes and send out a few current updates. Your board members for 2021 are as follows

  • President – Ed Gangl
  • Vice President – Kurt Wuollet
  • Treasurer – Jim Boldenow
  • Recording Secretary(Treasurer’s Assistant) – Kathy Duderstadt
  • Member at Large – Jim Apple

After review of the ballot questions from this past fall.  By majority vote of the association the board is amending  the rules and regulations to include the site setback language and the storage unit language as voted on.

Be watching for a couple of follow up emails looking for volunteers for certified pool operator training and individual(s) to spearhead the house /store/office project.  Details will be in those emails.

The actual 2021 season and opening of the campground is still a few months out. We continue to monitor the information on COVID-19 requirements.  I imagine around mid April we will be getting out to you the COVID-19 restrictions that will be placed on us as a campground. 

We ALL are hoping for a more normal year!

See you at the Lake,


Thanksgiving Day 2020

Winter appears to be settling in.

Fall Shutdown Schedule

Docks  are scheduled to start coming out on Saturday, October 3 at around 9:00 AM. Water to the campground is scheduled to be shut off and system winterized on Saturday October 17 starting around  10 :00 AM.
If you are able to help  with any of these tasks let us know.
Your help is greatly appreciated,


HLCCA Annual Owners Meeting

Just a last minute reminder that our annual meeting is coming up on Saturday, September 19 at 10 AM at HLCCA in the grassy area to the west of the pool.   Bring your own chair and space out appropriately for social distancing. 

If there are topic/questions/concerns that you want to make sure that they get addressed please email them to the board by Wednesday so that they can be fit into the agenda.   We will be putting a two hour limit on the meeting.  Additional questions that are not submitted will be fielded at the meeting if time allows. 

Thank you
HLCCA Board 


Owners Annual Meeting

Just a quick reminder that our Annual Owners meeting is coming up on Saturday, September 19, at 10 AM at HLC. There will be plenty to talk about, but to make sure topics you want addressed please send them to the board email and I will make sure they get included in the agenda. 

Have a Great Night

Aitkin County Permits

As an informational note, any shed over 25 square feet and any deck or platform structure over 32 square feet requires a permit from Aitkin County.

When applying for a permit please follow due process:

  • Submit a Request for Lot Alteration to the Board
  • WAIT for the boards approval
  • The Board will send out a signed & approved Request for Lot alteration WITH a signed Authorized Agent form
  • Apply for your permit with Aitkin county

If we forget to send an Authorized Agent form with your approval, just send us a reminder. Following this process creates less work and follow ups by the county offices and the HLCCA Board.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter,